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Gênio esse projetofireworks. Espero que façam mais! #todoscurte \o/


In may 5th took place in São Paulo, what we believe, that was the first big Led Throwies in Brazil.
The concept was created by Graffiti Research Lab[] and the Idea is Simple, “MAKE THROWIES NOT BOMBS”.
We created a lot of Shooting stars in Augusta Street, and here is the result.

No dia 5 de Maio de 2011 aconteceu em São Paulo o que acreditamos ser o primeiro grande Led Throwies no Brasil.
O conceito foi criado pelo Graffite Research Lab[] com a simples ideia. “MAKE THROWIES NOT BOMBS” .
Criamos várias estrelas cadentes na Rua Augusta e aqui está o resultado.

Thanks to all friends in the project!
Special Thanks to the band Pale Sunday for the sweet song! [​palesunday]

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and now…wait for #projetohelio


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